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“Ronnie Van Zant Really Does Walk on Water” Published in Sex and Murder Magazine June 28, 2011

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Greetings, good reader.

A.S. here. Well, it took nearly another year, but earlier today I received an e-mail from the editor at Sex and Murder Magazine that my short story, Ronnie Van Zant Really Does Walk on Water, will be published in the magazine’s nineteenth issue. I hope you’ll read the story, and, of course, I hope you’ll like it.

When I landed my first fiction writing credit in September 2010 with Ghostlight Magazine, I had the following thoughts in rapid succession:

“Hey, I’ve finally done it, I’m a published author!”

“Hey, I’m a published author, now it’ll get easier to get my work published in other magazines!”

Wrongo. Since the publication of Ghosts of Annapurna, I’ve started and shelved one novel, written a few more short stories and then started another novel. The new novel is going really well. I’m writing pretty much every day and very happy, for the most part, with how the first draft it turning out on what I hope will be my first book-length horror novel.

That said, after I shelved the first novel I’d started late last year, I went through a period where I had my first real crisis of confidence as a writer. After all, I’d already written and completed two other novels. I remember walking on the shores of Elliott Bay here in Seattle with my wife and dog one day and saying to her (my wife, not the dog), “I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever start and finish another book again.”

My wife turned to me and said, “You’ll write again. You’re a writer. That’s what you do.”

She was right – as usual – I am writing again and – now – I have another writing credit to my name. Another notch on the ol’ belt, so to speak.

So, I hope you’ll stop by Sex and Murder and take a gander at Ronnie Van Zant Really Does Walk on Water. It’s a pretty twisted little tale and was a lot of fun to write. I found that writing in the first person – something I hadn’t done since I was a kid – was really liberating.

I felt like I was right there with Rusty Jensen, a hapless fellow from Oxnut, Mississippi. Don’t go looking on a map for Oxnut – you won’t find it. I made it up. But do take a ride with Rusty – I think, despite his flaws and faults – you’ll like him…though not necessarily what happens to him.





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