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“Victor” to be Published in Cover of Darkness Magazine August 25, 2012

Posted by ambrosestolliker in News.

I recently received word from the editors at Cover of Darkness Magazine, another Sam’s Dot Publishing publication, that my short story entitled Victor will be published in an upcoming issue some time next year.

Victor is the story of Warren and Molly Braxton, a young couple living in the fictional Oklahoma Panhandle town of Bull’s Head. After her first child is born dead, Molly desperately wants to have another baby. But soon after learning she is pregnant again, she becomes convinced that there is something “wrong” with the baby growing inside her, despite Warren’s best efforts to convince her otherwise. As her due date approaches, Molly begins a descent into what Warren and her doctors think is paranoia and madness, convinced her unborn son – Victor – is somehow intent on ending her life from the womb. Is Molly right? Or is she truly lost in a downward spiral of fear-induced insanity?

With that out of the way, I just want to say that I continue to be extremely gratified that the editors at Sam’s Dot see something worthwhile in my work. As I wrote earlier, another Sam’s Dot publication – Hungur Magazine – published my short story Zulu 1 in its May 2012 issue, and the magazine will publish another one of my short stories – Bull’s Head Creek (also set in Bull’s Head, as you may have guessed) – in its spring 2013 issue.

Now, back to work on the novel…





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