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‘The Dust Storm’ and ‘Bull’s Head Creek’ now available for your reading pleasure June 20, 2013

Posted by ambrosestolliker in News.

By complete coincidence, two of my short stories are now available for your reading pleasure.

The Dust Storm was published today by Sanitarium Magazine, an online horror magazine based in the United Kingdom. And, just within the past few days, Bull’s Head Creek was published by Hungur Magazine.

Here’s the jacket cover synopsis for each:

The Dust Storm is the story of a young farmer’s wife named Helen Stokely who, together with her three young children, has been cut off from the world for more than a week by a powerful dust storm. With her infant son sick with dust-induced pneumonia, Helen anxiously awaits the return of her husband, who has gone into the nearby town of Bull’s Head, Oklahoma to bring the local doctor back to their farm in the hopes of saving their dying baby boy. Her desperate situation only becomes worse when Helen’s children begin acting strangely and a dark, menacing figure appears on the horizon and approaches the house.

In Bull’s Head Creek, Danny Bellamonte is a gay high school student from New York City who is forced to move to rural and ardently Christian Bull’s Head when his mother is left near destitute after a bitter divorce. There, he suffers daily at the hands of his classmates over his sexuality until a chance night-time encounter with a strange river creature triggers a startling metamorphosis in him. Soon, Danny begins to undergo frightening physical changes that both help him exact revenge on his tormentors and threaten to drive a wedge between him and his mother.

The Dust Storm appears in Sanitarium Issue No. 10, which is available via PocketMags.com, Amazon (Kindle Edition) and iTunes.

Bull’s Head Creek appears in Hungur Issue No. 16 and is available in PDF format and print-on-demand format.

For those who can’t get enough of Bull’s Head, I’ll revisit the town a third time this fall in Victor, which is scheduled to be published by Cover of Darkness Magazine. Victor is the story of a young couple, Warren and Molly Braxton. After her first child is born dead, Molly desperately wants to have another baby. But soon after learning she is pregnant again, she becomes convinced that there is something “wrong” with the baby growing inside her, despite Warren’s best efforts to convince her otherwise. As her due date approaches, Molly begins a descent into what Warren and her doctors think is paranoia and madness, convinced her unborn son – Victor – is somehow intent on ending her life from the womb. Is Molly right? Or is she truly lost in a downward spiral of fear-induced insanity?

I’d like to thank the editors at both Sanitarium and White Cat Publications, which owns Hungur and Cover of Darkness, for taking the time to read my work.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.





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