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“Reckoning in Spotsylvania” now available in latest issue of Stupefying Stories August 3, 2016

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Hello, good readers! It’s been a busy week on the publication front! I am thrilled to Stupefying Stories Imageannounce that my Civil War-era horror story, Reckoning in Spotsylvania, is now available in the latest issue of Stupefying Stories Magazine.

I’d like to thank the editors at Rampant Loon Media for taking the time to read my story and for publishing it in as fine a speculative fiction mag as Stupefying Stories. I downloaded the eBook version of the latest issue this morning and have already read it cover to cover. It’s a privilege to be included in this collection of stories with so many other fine science fiction and horror writers.

As for Reckoning in Spotsylvania, here’s the jacket cover version of what the story’s about:

Late winter, 1865.

General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia is on the brink of collapse after five years of the bloodiest conflict in American history. Knowing the South’s defeat is both inevitable and imminent, Confederate Cavalry Captain George Reims no longer has the stomach to continue the futile struggle against the relentless Union Army.

Plagued by dreams of the deaths of his wife and daughter, Reims decides to abandon his post and head home to Spotsylvania Courthouse under cover of darkness. But when his friend and subordinate, Lieutenant Marcus Simms, tries to stop him from committing desertion, Reims is forced to shoot him and then flee into the cold Virginia night.

As he makes his way north to his family’s farm, Reims is confronted by a strange and terrible apparition in the form of Lieutenant Simms, who is bent on exacting vengeance against Reims at any cost. With his beloved wife and daughter in mortal danger, Reims races against time in an effort to save them from Simms’s merciless and brutal attempts at revenge.

As you may have guessed, I am a huge history buff and love to infuse my stories with people and places from both the recent and distant past. And Reckoning in Spotsylvania is just the first of several horror stories set during the Civil War I have planned to write. A few months back, I finished the first draft on a new story entitled Old Hollow, which I hope to run through a second draft soon and then submit for publication, so keep an eye out for it.

Meantime, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Stupefying Stories and read Reckoning in Spotsylvania and, of course, all the other great stories the magazine’s editors have included in the collection.





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