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Ginger Nuts of Horror spotlights Ambrose Stolliker’s six tips for writing historical horror May 31, 2018

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Following closely on the heels of the publication of my Civil War-era horror story, Old Hollow, the kind folks at Scotland-based Ginger Nuts of Horror recently gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts on how I go about writing historical horror.

Here’s a short excerpt from my guest feature:

History has fascinated me since I was ten or twelve years old. Growing up, I couldn’t read enough books about the Titanic sinking, the Civil War, medieval Europe or World War II. At the same time, I have always been a fan of horror fiction. So, writing stories that combine the two has always come naturally to me.

Many writers will tell you that the majority of their stories start with the characters, and, to a certain extent, that’s true for me as well. Still, as a student of history, I’ve always felt comfortable setting my characters in times and places in the distant past. And while there’s probably no one good way to write “historical horror” fiction (if there even is such a genre), I’ve found sticking to a few principles over the years has served me well.

If you’re a horror fan, Ginger Nuts is a site you have to check out. The staff there are absolute horror fanatics and cover all the latest developments in the genre. You’ll find everything you need there – book reviews, film reviews, interviews, features and more.

I want to especially thank Jim McLeod for his willingness to publish my thoughts on writing historical horror – it was very kind and gracious of him to do so.






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