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“The Death Chute” to be published in April 2019 by Aurelia Leo December 5, 2018

Posted by ambrosestolliker in News.

It pleases me to no end to announce that my horror novella, The Death Chute, will be released by indie publisher Aurelia Leo LLC on April 9, 2019!

This is my second collaboration with Aurelia Leo, which published my Civil War-era horror novella, Old Hollow, in February 2017.

The Death Chute will be available in print, eBook and audio book format. Here’s a brief synopsis, and be sure to check out the cover reveal below!

The Death Chute is the story of 44-year-old reality TV producer Jake Porter. Jake returns home to his native Vermont to see to his ailing mother, Sophia, who suffers from senile dementia. His plan is to quickly set her up in a posh new nursing home in the Green Mountains and then head back to Hollywood to revive his career, now in jeopardy after his last few projects bombed with TV audiences.

Despite the fact that the home was once a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, many of whom died within its walls, Jake puts Sophia there believing she’ll be well looked after. However, not long after she’s moved in, Sophia has a frightening experience with the apparition of a little black boy suffering from TB. At first, Jake dismisses her story as a result of her dementia, but as time goes on, it becomes clear the nursing home is haunted by something terrible and strange.

If you like stories of hauntings with a bit of mystery tied in, you’ll like The Death Chute. At least I hope you will.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention in this space how grateful I am to Olivia Raymond and her team at Aurelia Leo for taking on The Death Chute. Securing a publisher who believed in it wasn’t easy and took nearly a decade, but I never lost hope that, at its core, it was a fun read and a hell of a good haunted house tale that fans of the genre will enjoy. I’m glad to say that, about a hundred or so submissions later, The Death Chute has finally found a home.

In the coming months, I’ll be working with Aurelia Leo to share more information about where you can find the book as well as upcoming author signings we have planned to support its release, so stay tuned!

Now, without further ado, the cover of my new novella, The Death Chute:

The Death Chute_Ambrose Stolliker_ebook front cover

I hope you’re as excited to read it as I was to write it!





1. Mick Brady - February 28, 2019

Intriguing premise — there’s a lot packed into this preview. I look forward to reading the book.

ambrosestolliker - February 28, 2019

Please do, Mick! I also encourage you to check out my previous novella, Old Hollow!

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