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“Elevator to Jericho” selected for publication in WEIRD CITY magazine January 30, 2018

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cover-01-smallI am so pleased to announce that my short story, Elevator to Jericho, has been chosen to appear in the second issue of WEIRD CITY, a literary magazine “dedicated to strange things in dense places.”

The story will be available in print and digital format before the end of March. For a taste of what WEIRD CITY has to offer, check out this listing on Amazon for the magazine’s inaugural issue, released just last winter.

If you’re a fan of old Twilight Zone episodes, or the strange and wistful fiction of Ray Bradbury, I think you’ll like Elevator to Jericho. (more…)


‘The Dust Storm’ to be published in Sanitarium Magazine on June 20 June 13, 2013

Posted by ambrosestolliker in News, Short Stories.
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This morning, I received word that Sanitarium Magazine, an online horror magazine based in England, will publish my short story The Dust Storm on June 20 in the magazine’s tenth issue.

The Dust Storm takes place in the fictional town of Bull’s Head, Oklahoma during the Great Depression and the economic and environmental disaster that was The Dust Bowl. It’s the story of a young farmer’s wife named Helen Stokely who, together with her three young children, has been cut off from the world for more than a week by a powerful dust storm. With her infant son sick with dust-induced pneumonia, Helen anxiously awaits the return of her husband, who has gone into town to bring the local doctor back to their farm in the hopes of saving their dying baby boy. Her desperate situation only becomes worse when Helen’s children begin acting strangely and a dark, menacing figure appears on the horizon and approaches the house.