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The Horrors of Real Life September 2, 2011

Posted by ambrosestolliker in Musings, Writing.

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog post from Netherlands-based horror writer Alex Laybourne, author of the recently self-published novel Highway to Hell. Please welcome him. Yours, A.S.

As a horror writer, I am always conjuring up images and creatures from the darkest depths of my mind. The intention of which is, of course, to scare people. To chill them and make them look over their shoulders as they read. Why? Because deep down everyone likes to be scared.

However, there is always something else out there that trumps even the most skilled of horror writers… real life.

The thing about horror writing is that it is very easy to go too over the top and risk losing your readers, either because there is too much gore, or because the situations and characters totally escape the realms of possibility and become so absurd that the horror is forgotten. In real life, however, there are no limits. The horror never becomes funny.



Writer, Loosen Thy Grip: Let the Story Write Itself August 28, 2011

Posted by ambrosestolliker in Musings, Writing.
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Greetings, good reader. A.S. here.

Since early March, I’ve been writing my third book, a horror novel that takes place in both 1985 and the present day and alternates between the two time periods. For the purposes of this blog post, I’ll refer to them as the 1985 narrative and the present-day narrative. The first two hundred or so pages wrote themselves because I had a very good idea of where the story starts before I started writing. Part I takes place in the present day. Part II also takes place during the present day. Part III takes place in 1985.